Saturday, 24 November 2012

Full stops (periods) in contractions

If the last letter of a contraction is the same as the last letter of the whole word, then no full stop (period ) is required.

Full Stops (Periods) in Contractions

Only use a full stop (period) at the end of a contraction if its last letter is different to the last letter of the whole word.


 Mr (contraction of Mister) 

 Revd (contraction of Reverend)  

 Rev. (also a contraction of Reverend) 

 para. (contraction of paragraph) 

 paras (contraction of paragraphs) 

 Dr. (contraction of Doctor; r is the last letter of Dr and Doctor) 

 para (contraction of paragraph; last letters are different -
full stop required) 

 The theory is supported by Prof. Munro. 

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